Thursday, March 05, 2009

"You Spin Me Round"

The recent purging by the dictatorship of Cuba was complimented by "reflections" of that of a Adidas clad dictator who now does dictatorcizes in the streets of Havana. The dictator profoundly wrote:

"The honey of power, for which they had made no sacrifice, awakened in them ambitions that drove them to an unworthy role"

I know.. call me crazy, for a moment I thought he was talking about himself and his brother!

Typical spin that we have heard for 50 years!


buck said...

It's Fredo and his fellow bloggers:)

Anonymous said...

buck was that supposed to be funny? Stop hanging around the squirrels in your backyard. LOL Now that was funny jajajjajajaja comemie*da.