Saturday, June 19, 2010

"Cuba Welcomes Vatican Official"

"A top official from the Vatican Secretariat of State is in Cuba for a six-day trip that already has given him opportunity to express hope negotiations over political prisoners will continue to give fruit, and to reiterate opposition to the U.S. embargo of the island."

Really? Remember when  Cardinal "Soprano" Bertone visited Cuba several years and mentioned that he was  worried about political prisoners? Oh yeah.. he was so worried that while officiating mass, the Damas de Blanco(wives of political prisoners) were NOT ALLOWED in church. He did not mention any of the political prisoner by name? "Soprano" Bertone went on to imply that the embargo is "ethically unacceptable". No, what is ethically unacceptable is that of an apartheid dictatorship. Now a top vatican official again reiterates opposition to the U.S. embargo of the island? Excuse me con I'm sorry.. where is your indignation concerning no FREEDOM for 51 years, all the executions, and all the fasts and hunger strikes from the political prisoners and not one PEEP of support from the TOP VATICAN OFFICIALS?????

Now it gets better my thirsty friends..

"When a foreign reporter asked Mamberti if he plans to meet with representatives of the Ladies in White or any of the other Cuban dissidents, his answer was: "My official agenda is too tight."

As a Catholic, I would rather have the brave monks of Burma in protest for democracy and for the release of political prisoners than the Vatican officials!!


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