Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Back by popular demand!

Alfredo, who are you talking about concerning Mini-me #2 or #3? Well guys here is a Glossary of terms for El Cafe Cubano speak. Now you can dissect my anti-communist blog with fervor!

We Cubans or at least here at El cafe Cubano love to use nicknames when describing the colorful cast of oppressive regimes! We have added a few lately, hey that's the least I could do because the propaganda of the dictatorship has had the media using "Mafia" and "gusanao" for 47 years! Now would a blog like El Cafe Cubano and those to my right be responsible if we did not return the favor?

Glossary(Now repeat after me):

El Cafe Cubano:-- Translation:

The Dictator -----Castro

Mr. Evil------------ Castro

Raulita------------Raulita Castro

Lap Dog-----------Felipe Perez Roque

Tricky Ricky------Ricardo Alarcon

Mini-me #1 or (thing 1)--- Hugo Chavez

Oil Pimp-------------------- Hugo Chavez

Mini-me #2----------------- Diego Maradona

Mini-me #3 or (thing 2)------ Evo morales

Cocaine---------------------Evo Morales

Commie--------------------- Communist

lefty 666 --------------------play in the communist playbook


El Cafe Cubano slogans:

" If Cuba is so great, why do they all want to vacate."

" Free healthcare, so why all the despair."

"Castro lives like a king, but the Cuban people have nothing."

" Everyone wants to trade, but no one wants to aide"

" Florida recount, Carter is in Venezuela one day and out"

" Castro supporters how you flex, where did you get your rolex."

" Many have tried to shut us up, but we will never give up!"

"Rafters are intercepted at sea, yet are returned to Cuba with glee"

"What happens in Havana, stays in Havana especially if you speak out against the dictator"

"Everyone knows about cuber's trials, except the cuban exiles?"

"so what about the two-way radio, I'm just a collaborator"

Suggestions for new trendy restaurants:

Adolph Hitler Beer House

Sandinista Surprise Nicaraguan Food

Evo's Cocaine house of pancakes

Castro's Buffet(Ration cards required)

Red China's Diner(Sorry, couples with more than 2 kids not allowed-children must be boys)

Ted Turner's Southern Cooking (Sorry, No Cuban-Americans allowed, only commies, Castro-VIP)

21st Century Socialism Venezuelan Food(Park your car in back and leave your car and house keys for the "Land Reform" operative)

Journalist Beer and burger joint(no cuban exile writers or journalist allowed in or allowed to give an opinion)


Fantomas said...

Alfredo, esta super bueno eso

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Pretty good Alfredo! I look forward to your daily insight. Keep 'em coming!

How about:

chavez beer - castro lite

Cuban Opposition Party - The Dead

Cuban population control - dengue fever

Cuban banquet - 1 roll

Cuban feast - 1 roll and some road kill

Cuban Healthcare - The Caracas Free Clinic

Raul's leadership posture - Crouching in fear

Raul sale - boy's underwear half off

Fidel's orations now - drool

Alarcon's parents - snake and a weasel

Lage economics - keep stashing cash out of Cuba

Cuban elections - To swim or stay

Cuban leader - rifle barrel

Cuban chicken - extinct island bird

Cuban tourism - 21st Century Apartheid supporters

I could go on forever but you get the idea!

For liberty,

Tomas Estrada-Palma