Sunday, September 10, 2006

Let’s talk about ethics!

Before we talk about ethics, remember this main point: Cuba has had one dictator for 47 years and no free elections! What about all the political prisoners, executions, and tortures for 47 years? How do you justify these non-ethical points?

Let’s talk about ethics my freedom loving brethren: The government of Cuba owns and pays all media, newspapers, and bloggers in Cuber, yet not one peep from all those ‘ethics” experts. All those ‘ethics” experts have been silent or have conveniently ignored Dr. Biscet, Guillermo Farinas, the worlds longest held black political prisoner Eusebio Penalver, and what about Armando Valledares? What about the ‘ethics” concerning the Elian fiasco, the media and journalist omitting pertinent information about Elian’s father calling Miami before and letting the family be aware of his imminent arrival, what about Elian’s father application for an exit visa in Cuber? Yeah, let’s talk about “ethics” concerning all those politicians and Hollywood elite who fawn all over the dictator in Cuba and have the gall to come back to the U.S. and blast the U.S. while the dictator is a saint. All those “ethics” experts who call exiles all these names yet call spies who were caught red handed with short wave radios : “Collaborators.” A certain news agency who has had a news bureau in Cuber for over 20 years and not once have they been critical of the regime, because they are afraid to be kicked out! Who cares about all those who have died and those now who live in constant fear. Where are the “ethics” here? Your job and promotion is more important than the truth.

All those journalist who claim they are for civil rights and that they are for minorities, but when it comes to Cubans, their hatred for all Cuban exiles take priority for their reporting. Black Cubans who stand up against the dictatorship are totally ignored by the media. Journalist had a field day with apartheid South Africa(rightfully so!) but with apartheid Cuba: SILENCE. 10 or 12 Cubans are intercepted at sea are quickly labeled “illegal” while other ethnic groups are called undocumented by the media. Tell me where do you find “ethics” in this reporting?
When reporters interview the dictator or any of the “kill house gang” no tough questions are allowed, everything is prepared and manipulated from the start, with the standard normal Cuban exile bashing! Ethics?

No major media company would finance a movie about the ‘real” Cuban experience, yet dozens of movies about the dictator and the butcher Leche Guevara. Don’t see any “ethics” here mis hermanos.

Tell me where do you find “ethics” when you turn on your own people for an absurd ideology of communism!

Please media we don’t need a lecture on “ethics.”

By the way check this article posted on a site noted for journalistic “ethics” and truth!


-El Café Cubano is not running for political office here in the U.S. or Cuba.
-El Café Cubano is a blog that is run independently and not paid by the U.S. government
-El Café Cubano is not a member of any mafia organizations.
-El Café Cubano is not a member of any exile organizations
-El Café Cubano is not located in Miami, but in the great state of Texas!
-El Café Cubano has repeatedly been attacked by viruses, yet my only weapon is that of words and the truth.


Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Real nice piece!

You are especially correct regarding media ethics, or more precisely their lack of them. Big media is corporate bought and sold out since its inception. That's what so nice about the Internet. Now we unbig-media bloggers can tell the truth of the matter without any corporate or government information gate-keepers. They have provided us with the tools with which to free ourselves. In fact, these days I check the tv news only to see if they are reporting what I already discovered on the Internet from one of my blogger buddies!

Tomas Estrada-Palma

El Gusano said...

Way to go Alfredo. 100% correct if they had any ethics , they would defend the weak and the oppressed in Cuba.but its more important to stick it to the exiles. Love the disclaimers.

Jose Reyes said...

We tell it like it is, that's all. There is no manipulation, no made up lies, its so simple. We are humanitarians, we are just defending our human rights and the human rights of the Cuban people in Cuba, we have that right. These are real people who need our help and we are their voices for now, or shall we let them speak "freely" and hear what they have to say? Stirring things up by the communist minded here in America is just making it worse for the Castro regime, for these irresponsible groups and individuals are not there, they have no idea because they are not there. But if these mindless, brainwashed communist here in America have some sort of evidence, they still would have to ask the Cuban people in Cuba, to explain for themselves, defend for themselves, describe the situation there for themselves. Let them "freely" speak out for themselves, lets hear the truth from the Cuban people in Cuba, lets hear it from the horses mouth, that's all we Cuban exiles here in America and around the world are asking for. It's so simple! Let's hear it from them!!
Viva Cuba Libre!!

Sr Jodio said...

alfredo....los comunistas no tienen etica.. Ellos no conocen esa palabra..

son unos gangsters todos...

por eso ganaremos la batalla de las ideas

la razon, la verdad , la justicia nos apoya