Thursday, September 28, 2006

The latest installment of who's the boss!

Tony Danza does not even want to touch this, nor does Tony Soprano: " Leave me out of this youse guys!" Who's in charge on the island prison called apartheid Cuba. Forget about Ricardo "Trick Ricky" Alarcon or Felipe"lap dog" Perez Roque, so who does that leave us with? Raulita who tends to go awol for weeks and his extracurricular activities might hinder his grip on Cuber, and maybe his grandson pictured here? No, it's none other than the dictator's old buddy from the good ole' revolutionary days: Ramiro " cuidado que te voy a dar un tiro" Valdes is the new Mafia don in the house. He came in whacking people from positions and is tightening the grip on everything. The new Don is in the house and apartheid cuber still lives in a nightmare

...and they call exiles "mafia?"

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Anonymous said...

Raul and his favorite grandson in the background