Thursday, April 09, 2009

meeting with the dictators!

Even during holy week this delegation did NOT MEET with one dissident nor care about the political prisoners..OOPS I forgot that their god and their devotion is reserved for the dictator brothers. DO THEY REALLY CARE ABOUT THE CUBAN PEOPLE? WHAT ABOUT 50 YEARS OF THE SAME FAMILY RULING? THEY MENTION THE CUBAN 5, BUT NOT ONE MENTION OF THE POLITICAL PRISONERS?
and more idiotic quotes:
"very delightful, very engaging, he's got a great sense of humor ... (he's) very smart and organized. He talked about diversity ... he said, 'We want normal relations with America.' " -Rep. Barbara Lee of Oakland
"There were no barricades, but beautiful plants and trees," Lee said. "We walked in, and there he was, standing at the door."-Rep. Barbara Lee of Oakland

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