Friday, September 11, 2009

Decadence video from Cuba

"Paz Sin Fronteras" (Peace Without Borders) concert is scheduled for Havana, Cuba Sept. 20 featuring Juanes. We have been continuously told that this concert is strictly non political, just music, yet the concert is going to be held at the Plaza of the Revolution and the Cuban government does not want any songs with any political comment or any presenters. Wow.. I thought musicians were into artistic FREEDOM and really got a kick out of thumbing their noses at politicians. NOPE..can't do that in Cuba. So basically this concert is about singing kumbaya and wearing white, while turning their backs on all the atrocities that have been committed by the dictatorship.

Just take at look at the video above and listen to the frustration, fear, and yearning for FREEDOM that is felt among the Cuban youth that is totally ignored by the Limousine commies outside of Cuba among certain musicians, Hollywood actors, and politicians.

..yet this musician above can not perform openly in Cuba and is risking his life with this video.


Anonymous said...

Awesome video!

Anonymous said...

I Juanes Jama!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Juanass, did you see this video Juanass? Why dont you invite this guy to your con-cert,Juanass?