Monday, September 21, 2009

Thoughts about the Concert

I have to give credit to Juanes for having the balls to say “Cuba libre” twice and did you see the reaction from Olga Tanon! Raulita must have had a hissy fit hearing the words “libertad” and they probably had to resuscitate the crusty dictator several times.

Positive messages from the concert:

“Don't give your life to fear!”

“It's time to change!!”

“Name an island in the middle of the sea. Name it freedom!!!”

“single, unified Cuban family”!

Negative impressions:

The image of Che appeared from my count more than 40 times during the concert. The dissidents were not allowed to attend the concert. I am happy that Juanes said what he said, but sad no Cuban on the stage had the balls to say “LIBERTAD.” Willy Chirino and the Estafans were denied entry into Cuba for the concert. Can you imagine Willy singing, the crowd would have gone crazy!!

What about the political prisoners?

Will things change in Cuba? I doubt it, but it was a gutsy thing that Juanes did!


Fantomas said...

Oh my God Juanes is my hero now

Marie said...

Good for Juanes; his choice of music and words couldn’t have been any clearer.

It’s a shame that those “old school” Cubans on eight street didn’t give him a chance before smashing his CDs. I hope to see them all out there today with glue bottles! At least he did something; which is more that they will ever do, they’re just all talk and no action!

Cubiche said...

Alfredo I don't know if gutsy is the right word, but your right, as of today, nothing has changed in Cuba

Fantomas said...

me acabo de comprar la coleccion entera de cd de juanes y otra para regalar,, ah tambien compre el ultimo disco de olga

Señores tenemos que cooperar, cooperar con los valientes en vez de criticar

Alfredo said...


Calm down..sit down before you hurt yourself.. Juanes a hero? yes, it was great that he said "Cuba Libre" but my heroes are my parents!