Saturday, September 19, 2009

The moment of truth concerning the concert

We will find out on Sunday if the concert is indeed political. Watch this video and check out the comments made by Olga Tanon. It's very easy for Juanes to say "forget about the castro's, forget about the politics" since he is not Cuban and does not have a family member that suffered under this brutal dictatorship.

Easy for him to say "no le importa cantarle a los comunistas" and enjoy star treatment in Cuba, while thousands have died thru tortures and executions, thousands have died trying to escape from Cuba on rafts, and many have died never to return to their beloved Cuba



Cubiche said...

really who listens to Olga Tanon? she is still bitter that Juan Gonzalez dumped her and have you seen her without makeup..yuck!

Anonymous said...

WTF? What do these people think they are? Important? What a joke. Sinverguenzas.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Alfredo!