Sunday, September 20, 2009


Concert has not even started yet and here is the first in your face political statement from Olga Tanon:

She visited the centenary institution just a few hours after her arrival on the island. “I never had the privilege of attending a school like this,” she said, with admiration for the artistic standard of the students.

Funny how when Juanes did the concert on the border of Colombia and Venezuela, Uribe and Chavez and their government officials were told not to attend, but in apartheid Cuba all the communist officials will have front row seats while the Cuban people will have to settle for the Bob Uecker seats.

Juanes Disclaimer****** This blog is by no means meant to be political in any way, even though this blog is fiercly anti-communist, anti-castro, PRO DEMOCRACY, and PRO FREEDOM. I REPEAT this blog is not to be taken as political and is to be taken as a symbol of peace.


Fantomas said...

No creo que Tañon sea comunista

Pero si es una ignorante

Anonymous said...

Que se queda en Cuba si las cosas no son tan mala! Fidelista!