Sunday, September 27, 2009

Juanes got a crumb of the repression

How many times have people rolled their eyes while we are explaining the horrors and the repression at the hands of the dictatorship? How many times over and over are we ignored and called “extremist” or crazy? I remember being laughed out of a room while visiting in a certain country and warning them about how the FARC were backed and financed by the dictator in Cuba. I can’t count the times my family members recounting the horrors that they lived through in Cuba and to be only met with a glazed look or utter disbelief.

Here we have a video showing Juanes upset that he was being followed by Cuba’s state security and the fact that Cuban government was trying to control things.

OK people here we have Juanes and Miguel Bosé clearly seeing the repressive tactics of the commies in Cuba, not the doing of those “pesky exiles in Miami.” After seeing international stars being subjected to this treatment, can you imagine what regular Cubans go through?

This has been going on for 50 years and we are not making up this stuff! Can’t you understand the passions, the hurts, and the yearning for FREEDOM? Befor you roll your eyes again, maybe you should listen, because it could happen to you one day!

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Anonymous said...

just like the famous Al Pacino line: "YOU DON'T KNOW..WHAT I KNOW!!"