Saturday, November 26, 2005

Castro's Ramblings about Baseball

Can you imagine a 5 hour slurred speech by the pompous blowhard! In his "blame everyone else for Cuba's problems speech" he take shots at Orlando Hernandez and Jose Contreras: "cannot resist the millions of the major leagues"

Read the interesting article here.

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John R. said...

While he's griping about the Baseball players, he should talk about how his daughter too left Cuba to the US -his own daughter Alina.

Maybe it was for the "millions" in modeling, or the "millions" in being a radio host for WQBA, or maybe being his daughter couldn't even stop her from realizing that her own father, fidel, is running the Cuban people down.

So let him speak of Contreras, Hernandez and who ever else can blame. In the end he is the one with the blood stained hands.