Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Such A Deal(Part II)

Now it's the representative of Cuba, excuse me I meant Congressman Jose Serrano doing a deal with the oil pimp. Low- cost heating oil program for the low income residents of the Bronx. Isn't that special chico! Let me see Jose, what in the world do you have to do in return? Maybe this:

-Keep praising fidel and hugo
-Denounce the embargo on Cuba
-Keep having radio and T.V. interviews in support of Cuba and Venezuela(someone remind him he is a representative of the U.S.)
-Promote the Bolivarian Circles here in the U.S.
-Denounce our President and the U.S. in general

Check out the special press release.


kathleen said...

There is no such thing as a "deal" , Americans are paying for this with sky high gas prices. Serrano and his other castro loving commie buddies are the lowest of the low. Put an asterik by his name on that special list we all keep. You know, the one for Americans who enjoy all the benefits of living in our democracy and choose to support those murderous thugs and line their pockets with blood money.

Anonymous said...

serrano used the platform that he was anti-castro to get elected the 1st time. Ever since he has been in office he has done nothing but promote fidel and socialism.
He knows better and still turns his back on the cuban people because of his hatred of the U.S. and that of cuban-americans. Mr. serrano when fidel falls, the truth will come out and you will have the blood of the cuban people on your hands!