Sunday, November 06, 2005

Venezuela detains four for the Assassination of a Prosecutor

All suspects are in the opposition of Chavez and a leading Cuban dissident? Very suspicious? They are being held without any charges. Remember in a communist court just as Che Guevera stated: " We don't need proof to execute a man-we only need proof that it's necessary to execute him. Our mission is not to provide judicial guarantees. Our mission is to make a revolution"

God help them!

Venezuelan authorities ordered the detention of four people, including an outspoken journalist, an opposition-aligned businessmen and a Cuban dissident, saying they orchestrated the 2004 assassination of a leading prosecutor.
A Caracas court on Friday ordered the four detained without charges, a statement from the Information Ministry said.
Danilo Anderson, a prosecutor who strongly supported President Hugo Chavez's government, was killed Nov. 18, 2004, when a bomb exploded in his sport-utility vehicle in Caracas. He had been preparing a case against nearly 400 people who backed a short-lived coup against Chavez in 2002.
Among the four accused of masterminding his killing is Patricia Poleo, the director of El Nuevo Pais newspaper, who has been a vocal critic of Chavez and was investigating allegations that Anderson had links to an extortion web along with other state authorities.
Also accused was Nelson Mezerhane, a prominent local businessman and co-owner of private broadcaster Globovision closely aligned with the country's opposition. The third person accused was Salvador Romani, a leading Cuban dissident based in Venezuela, while the fourth accused, Eugenio Anez, is a retired general in the Venezuelan military.

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