Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Freedom Loving Blogs

What can I say concerning the herculean efforts of these blogs dedicated to the FREEDOM of Cuba:

Babalu has an excellent post concerning a Canadian city council member, who is a fan of leche guevera.
Spread the word about this commie!

Songuacassal at Cuban-American Pundits tackles the embargo issue with great insight!

Click away at Blog For Cuba, calling for action concerning the Wet Foot-Dry Foot policy.

Kill Castro-A War blog , as usual pulls no punches when it comes to any subject. Today they take on Fox vs. Chavez.

Juan of Paxety Pages has a "Cuban Music Update" at his site.

Real Cuba as always with pictures that tell a story! Check out the picture of Mini-me #1 and Mini-me #2. It seems that the "commie" maradona charged $100,000 to appear at the summit.

To all of you: have a cafe cubano and a pastel de guava!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Alfredo for the link to Killcastro!

Anonymous said...

Now you are making me hungry Alfredo! Thanks for your kind words. Kathleen

Roberto Iza Valdes said...
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