Tuesday, November 01, 2005

International Fair of Havana

I am going to be sick if I see again some moron taking pictures with killstro in front of a cow.

American farm businesses show their stuff at Cuba fair

11/2/2003 9:00 PMBy: Associated Press

HAVANA -- More than 70 American farm product firms from 18 states and Puerto Rico are among the exhibitors at the International Fair of Havana, which opened Sunday.
One Cuban food importer said that over the next week, Cuba hopes to sign contracts to buy more than $50 million' worth of American farm products, including cereals and livestock.
That's over the nearly $463 million spent on American farm goods over two years.
The fair comes as the U.S. Congress is trying to open Cuba to American travelers over White House efforts to continue isolating the communist neighbor.
One Cuban official told reporters at the opening of the fair that the growing number of U.S. exhibitors "demonstrates the inconsistency, the irrationality, the absurdity of the policy'' of the U.S. embargo.
But this year's American presence doesn't compete with an exhibition in Cuba about a year ago, which featured 288 exhibitors from 33 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

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