Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Where are You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogs that are dedicated to the freedom of Cuba are the only ones bringing the issue of the Wet Foot-Dry Foot policy to the forefront. CB and Ziva, and others are calling for action! The result: no famous Cuban-Americans, no politicians, and no concerned citizens doing anything? Get off your ass and do something, we do these blogs on what little spare time we have. North Dakota inks a $20 million deal with the brutal regime and not even a peep from anyone. Cubans trying to reach freedom and many die: No response or outrage? Can you imagine if this was any other ethnic group or minority? The news would be 24/7 with Jesse Jackson leading marches everywhere. I expect this from the media, but with in our own brethren?

Get off your ass and do something!!!!!!!!


ziva said...

Thanks for adding your voice to our chorus Alfredo!! Question is, anyone listening? I don't know, but it seems to me that the louder we get the harder it will be to ignore us.

Alfredo said...

Thanks for your comments! I question the same thing. I know I was harsh in my words, but maybe it will spark several to help in our cause

Anonymous said...

There's no harsh words in this pressing issue!