Sunday, November 13, 2005

Cuban U.N. Victory?

(Warning!!) Please get your Pepto Dismal ready before reading this article. Here is Daniel Ortega's message to fidel castro:

"On hearing of Cuba's merited victory in the United Nations, we Sandinistas celebrate with delight, and as if it were a victory of ours, of the people, that vote in favor of justice and against imperial arrogance,"

What victory? Just like the victory chavez had in the recent summit? Cuba can trade with any country in the world with the exception of the U.S.(Not really , didn't Cuba just sign a deal with North Dakota for $20 million) and answer me why are the people of Cuba on ration books over 40 years later? Victory for who? Just the regime in in the victory lap! The victims of communist revolutions and regimes are left with:

Rations books
No free election in 40 years(do not give me that crap about how you have elections)
No freedom of expression
No private property
No religious freedom
Political prisoners and executions
(Do you want me to go on!)

Yep, a complete and moral victory? Hey why is daniel ortega still around after all the atrocities that the sandinistas committed?

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Anonymous said...

I take it by political prisoners you are talking about the people being imprisoned on Guantanamo, who have yet to receive a trial?

Alfredo said...

C'mon we all know what I meant by "political prisoners" Those who have been imprisoned, executed and tortured simply by speaking out against the government. Funny, the media and everyone harps on Guantanamo, but has the media or do you know these present or past political prisoners:
Armando Valledares(spent 22 years in prison)
Dr. Oscar Elia Biscet(still in prison)
Eusebio Penalver(spent 28 years in prison)
Mario Chanes de Armas(spent 30 years in prison)
Ernesto Diaz Rodriguex(spent 29 years in prison)
Dr. Ana Rodriguez(Spent 19 years in prison)

The list goes on and on and yet the world condones this and this is O.K., yet the prisoners in Guantanamo who have links to terrorism and to 9/11 and thier is such concern and outrage?

Anonymous said...

Catherine. In case you really don't know whats going on in Cuba, I propose the following:

1)Move to Cuba and become a citizen.

2)Speak your mind in writing, aloud and by any form of media. (If you happen to be for castro, then lie and speak against him, this is for experiement's sake.)

3)After they get tired of tracking you, they'll eventually arrest you and TADA you are now a Prisoner of Conscience. And since your view was contrary to the government, your also a Political Prisoner.


Once this happens, you can expect most people on and off the island to not know, or "not remember" who you are. And if by some chance you were in fact sincere about the anti-castro remarks that got you arrested, you might, just might, find yourself lucky enough to have us bloggers find out about you, write a post about you and demand not only your freedom, but also demand that you not be forgotten.