Monday, November 21, 2005

U.S. Agents Target Posada Ally(Updated)

Federal agents searched the office of Santiago Alvarez, a close ally of Posada. The same day that the search was being conducted, an ad in castro's favorite paper(N.Y. times) just happens to appear:

''October 6, 1976, was our September 11,'' said the letter, referring to the bombing of a Cubana De Aviación jetliner that killed 73 people. ``Help us keep a terrorist like Luis Posada Carriles, admitted murderer, from gaining protection and impunity in the country where so many people still cry for the victims of the terrorist act that brought down the twin towers on September 11.''

The ad cost $163,320(I thought commies did not believe in freedom of the press?) no chump change here. I wonder who was sponsoring this ad?(sorry, being sarcastic!)

Lucia Newman please find out why we can't run an ad in the Granma for the release of all political prisoners, yet a foriegn government can advertise and promote their ideas in our papers?

Read the story here.

***Santiago Alvarez was arrested this past weekend in Miami.

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