Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Communism Kills

All you lefties with all your jargon revolutionary soundbites(Che Guevera T-shirts included) how can you defend someone like Mao Tse-tung, who according to this article is responsible for 77 million deaths. How about this: "Marxist regimes murdered nearly 110 million people from 1917 to 1987 " and this: "And what did Marxism, this greatest of human social experiments, achieve for its poor citizens, at this most bloody cost in lives? Nothing positive. It left in its wake an economic, environmental, social and cultural disaster. "

Read the rest of this great article here.

New T-shirt Ideas:

Merry Christmas(can we say this anymore, thanks to all the lefties ruining this country)

Marxism Kills(77 million and counting)

Nuclear energy Program(Don't worry about Venezuela)

Keep the U.N. out of the Internet!

If Cuba is so great, why do they all want to vacate

Free healthcare, so why all the despair.

Castro lives like a king, but the Cuban people have nothing.

Carter is in Venezuela one day and out

God(I know this is highly offensive to many, and you probably could not wear this in many public places. Wear at your own risk!!!)


Albert Quiroga said...

Alfredo, I think you have the germinal idea for a great t-shirt business! Go for it.

Alfredo said...


Thanks! I do it more for sarcasm,but who knows? Want to sellsome T-shirts with me?