Monday, November 21, 2005

More On Our Favorite Group: Code Commies

Code Pink protested at military recruiting centers last week and staged fake military bake sales. Isn't that so cute! How about this: check out the photos of the artsy fartsy slogans and posters.

I have some some slogans that they can use on posters and t-shirts(Charge $15.99 for t-shirts, $2.50 for bumper stickers. Wait a minute, I forgot you commies can't make any evil profits!):

"I am really a communist"

" Beheadings are cool!"

" I could give a rats ass if I am aiding the enemy."

"I hate the U.S. with a passion, that I would rather defend terrorist ."(charge extra for this one!)

" I am wearing a Guevera t-shirt, but I am so ignorant of the facts of the butcher."

"Havana and Caracas are my kind of towns!"

" What happens in Havana, stays in Havana especially if you speak out against castro"

" We say no to torture and war, but not counting communist revolutions!"

" What mass graves in Iraq?"

" Killing is O.K. for dictators."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great post Alfredo, these bitches will get theirs one day, thankfully most Americans see them for the liars they are and the truth will win in the end.