Thursday, March 30, 2006

Apartheid Cuba

Val at Babalu has the audio of a phone call from a radio personality im Miami, posing as Cuban in Cuba trying to make a reservation at get this:
Havana Libre.


Anonymous said...

that's mikimbin the best show in miami,everytime I go down there I watch the show every nigth,after a good day on the beach.
here in new york it is imposible to get america teve not even with satellite,I contac many providers and none carry that network

Anonymous said...


The subject matter that you have is that of a serious nature, but your sarcasm and your slogans crack me up! The story about the flea market had me in stitches. A question for you: do you have any T-shirts concerning your site or your "slogans?" I'd love to wear one to spread the word!

*I will send you a private e-mail
Your Friend.

Anonymous said...

A serious, Reality-Check...

Alfredo said...

I am getting a lot of e-mails concerning the flea market happening. Did not intend to make it funny. Concerning the T-shirts, I get request all the time for -T-shirts. This blog is intended for the FREEDOm of Cuba not marketing, but so many people have requested. Don't know If I want to do this, If I do probably donate the money to charity or a worthwhile anti-dictator cause. I will let you guys know