Thursday, March 09, 2006

Team Dictator

Well, who do we have hear? It's the dictator's son Tony, the team physician. Isn't it nice that he can be the team physician, live a life of luxury, while other doctors are sent to other countries to basically do slave labor for the dictator.


Here we have a video from journalist Rey Sanchez of Newsday. I have a couple of comments:

1. No, he is there to make sure no one defects and to intimidate!
2. A decent player, which scouts were interested? How do we know that? No freedom of press in Cuba, come mierda! Probably another B.S. propaganda move that everyone eats up without any verification.
3. Did you ask him about the signs? Did you ask about any of the political prisoners? I can go on and on...


Anonymous said...

send him to Venezuela like every doctor in cuba... Comemierda

Anonymous said...

A nice thing would be to see this guy defect, like his half sister!

Anonymous said...

the goons can not control the media and those with signs at the baseball game. Tony, the come mierda, doing the propaganda work for the regime. I have a special sign for him:

Defect Tony! Down with Communism!
Abajo Fidel!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

what interview? rey sanchez basically tells us what Tony "the hatchet job doctor" said in the interview. how do we know? Let's see the interview with video and as Alfredo points out: Ask real questions not just propaganda.

No jodas, they think they can control everyone!

hey Alfredo come up with some catchy slogans for the signs, maybe these guys in Puerto Rico will use one

El Cartagenero

Alfredo said...


Thanks for idea! I am going to get my list ready!!!