Friday, March 24, 2006

Dirt on the dictator

Don't get me wrong here it's cool that he is spilling the dirt on the dictator, but where's the beef? Yeah, it's weird that he burns his underwear and that he loves Serrano hams. What about all the political prisoners, location of the dictator's house, location of the dictator's vacation homes in Cuber and in other countries and thousands of other questions?

"Oh, Fidel's former gofer confirms, too, the heftier ''secrets'' that Cuba experts have talked about for years: how the brothers assemble dossiers on foreign businessmen who want to invest in Cuba, for instance." - This is not new news, many have been saying this for 40 years.

Am I wrong for feeling this way? Let's hope he really spills the beans and cracks the image that the lefty commies love so much!

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Orlando Furioso said...

I am with you on this one. Just because Otto tells of underwear burning, and it is information from a third source, Miami puts him on prime time. Otto is a nobody that is using Miami's fascination with the dictator to integrate himself into the community while making a good living at it.