Friday, March 10, 2006

Even Sports has a report on what happened yesterday at The World Baseball Classic yesterday. Now let's not get to excited because sooner or later the media will turn against the Cuban exiles.
We do have to say a special Thank You to Puerto Rico and Col. Adalberto Mercado, who was quoted in response on why they took the Cuban official to the police station: "We explained to him that here the constitutional right to free expression exists and that it is not a crime,"
Can you imagine the dictator and his thugs watching the game and all of the sudden, the imagine above pops up on television in Cuba. He must of had a heart attack and to top things off, he has his son Tony, the defector buster, going hollywood by taking pictures and signing autographs at the games!
In the spirit of Enrique and those at the game who did something for the FREEDOM of Cuba, here at Cafe Cubano we have some slogans for some posters:

-Arriba, abajo the dictator es guanajo

-Tony, the defector buster

-If Cuba is so great, why do they all want to vacate

-Free healthcare, so why all the despair

- Castro lives like a king, but the Cuban people have nothing

- 47 years and what?

-Many have tried to shut us up, but we will never give up


Albert Quiroga said...

Keep spreading the message, Alfredo, that is a weapon the minimus kagaSStricus cannot fight against. It is great to see Col. Adalberto Mercado giving the beast what amounts to a public lecture on freedom and human decency, concepts of course which "its" primitive, paranoid brain, if one can call it that, cannot understand. "It" no doubt was ballistic over the prospect the protest and accompanying incident would become known in Cuba. We should not care what negative spin the MSM might weave around the incident, by now we should be immune to their little manipulations - they can't stop or filter out you and the other bloggers who are fighting the good fight in the war of ideas.

I am very proud of the compatriotas and what they did at the stadium. We also need to thank the Puerto Rican authorities and appreciate what they did, which is something considered "politically incorrect" in many, if not most of our so-called "brother" countries.

Albert Quiroga said...

Just was reminded of something, referencing your slogans for the posters mentioned - it is in Spanish, but I always liked it; it became popular not long before our family left Cuba, reflecting the growing understanding of the people about kaSStro and what he represented, as well as the inherent and irrepressible humor of the Cubans. This slogan I used to chant with my friends was in reference to the newly-created "militias" which were supposed to be a "revolutionary bulwark against Yankee imperialism." We used to watch these fools marching and training under the hot, tropical sun.

The slogan:

"Uno, dos, tres, cuatro,
comiendo mierda y rompiendo zapatos,
cuatro, tres, dos, uno,
si suena un tiro, no queda ninguno!"

Loosely translated:

"One, two, three, four,
eatin' shit and wearin' out shoes,
four, three, two, one,
if a shot is heard, there'll be no one!"