Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Media Bashing

I know I am going to catch some flak for this, but I am going to harp on this until no end. So, here it goes again: "The Spanish media sucks here in the U.S." Why? It's because of their one-sideness of which group they target and what topic they concentrate on a daily basis. The Spanish media is even organizing the mass protest that we are seeing these last several days. Yet, when we have someone dying for the simple reason of trying to achieve the simple task of freedom on the internet, complete silence from the media and even complete silence from the religious organizations.
"El Cafe Cubano, who cares about what they say in the Spanish media?"
You see we are losing the culture war in this arena. Socialism is the idea that is sweeping the news, programs, and anti-U.S. sentiment is prevalent. I went to a Flea market this weekend and was stunned by the amount of Che Guevara t-shirt cladded youths and stores filled with this crap. I even went into one of these stores and lectured the owner of the atrocities of Guevera and the dictator. All I got was a stunned look and a sarcastic smile with an offer to buy a Scarface poster featuring Al Pacino.
I was pissed and mentioned that Pacino is not even Cuban you comemierda. The point is that even today, Cuban-Americans are still seen as the Scarface character and Guevera is seen as a hero. Folks, we are sleeping and losing the culture war!


La Ventanita said...

I'm sorry Alfredo, but I laughed so hard with the Pacino incident.....

You my friend, are sooooo right, that it's really nor funny nor sad. It's just plain let's get mad.

Hank Ortuno said...

I'm not happy with the Spanish media either. Without trying to come off as self promoting, in October, I launched
I try to run news stories one doesn't usually see in the leftist media.

Alfredo said...


you should have seen my face when I was lecturing this comemierda and the only thing he took out of the conversation was to try sell me a Scarface poster! I am laughing now, but it's really scary how little people know about the truth concerning Guevera and the dictator.

Conservative trailhead:

i will check out your site and would like to have your permission to add your link to my blogroll.

Anonymous said...

Al Pacino may not have been Cuban but you have to admit that Scar Face was a classic movie. One of my favs. I don't think some of the older Cubanos should take the whole movie thing as such an affront.

It was only a movie after all not a political statement. My mom is Italian and I still like the movie: The Godfather.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Culture war. You need to take a look at this: