Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Hunger Strike Ends

Uncommon Sense has the story:

Meanwhile, Guillermo Fariñas, a psychologist and director of the independent Cubanacan Press agency, is in serious but stable condition after on Wednesday ending a 56-day hunger strike he began to demand free access to the Internet.
The dissident "has had no complications, but he is very weak, with headaches and polyneuropathies in his legs and hands," his mother Alicia Hernandez told EFE on Wednesday.
Fariñas, 43, is receiving medical care - including intravenous nourishment and fluids - in a hospital in Santa Clara, some 280 kilometers (about 175 miles) east of Havana.
Hernandez said that her son continues to suffer from cramps, has little feeling in his hands and legs and remains committed to continuing his hunger strike, although relatives and friends "are doing everything possible to get him to end it." Fariñas - who began another hunger strike in 2003 that he pursued for 14 months, taking in only liquids - has staged 19 shorter protests of this kind since 1995.

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