Friday, March 03, 2006

"Tremendous challenge"

The official press from apartheid Cuba states that the challenge in the World Baseball Classic is going to be "tremendous." I believe the real challenge for them is to keep players from defecting.The real challenge is not who the opposing pitchers are, but keeping tabs on Joe Cubas and those evil Cuban exiles.
So let's keep score, not baseball, but defections!

Now if there is a massive exodus, I do have replacements from my All-Cuba team:

Name: "All Commie Cuba Baseball Team"
Colors: Blood Red
Owner( I mean Dictator): Fidel Castro
Financing: Ted Turner
Arbitrator: Jimmy Carter
Media: CNN, N.Y. Times. Spanish: Univision
Reporters: Lucia Newman, and Dan Rather
Manager: Hugo"mini-me" Chavez
1B Daniel Ortega
2B Gabriel Garcia Marquez
SS Pastors for Peace
3rd National Council of Churches
LF Jose Serrano, Charles Rangel, Jesse Jackson, Maxine Waters
RF( No right fielders, no one wants to play here!)
Backup Pitcher: Raul Castro


Jose Aguirre said...

Let's hope they all defect so we can see that pathetic team take the field! Maybe they'll let Aruca be their batboy!

Anonymous said...

nicely done!!!!

serrano could be the team's whore also.

Orlando Furioso said...

I can smell the stink on your replacement team.