Thursday, May 24, 2007

Don't tell me how I should feel or what I should do!

Received a e-mail that detailed how I should feel about certain issues, what loyalties I should adhere to, and what I should say on the El Cafe Cubano blog. Now mind you the tone and the words were rather insulting, yet this person does ZILCH for the FREEDOM of Cuba. You know the armchair know it all and blowhard that knows everything about everything.

Well, I answer to no one except God. My blood bleeds red, white, and blue for this great country the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. My blood also drips red, white, and blue for a FREE Cuba!
I feel what I feel, no one will force me how I should feel or force me what I should say or do! I am what I am. Like or not hermano!

Now do something about FREEING Cuba, or are you just ashamed of your background?

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Club of the Independent Thinkers.