Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Today show will broadcast live from Cuba

The "Today" show will broadcast live from apartheid Cuba on Tuesday. "Matt Lauer and NBC's Today show will broadcast live from Cuba next Tuesday to report on the political and economic climate there."

Political and economic climate? Well, politically Cuba has had one family exploiting the show and one system: communism for the last 48 years! What economy? Wow, I can see that this show will be a real winner on Tuesday.

and my favorite quote......

"Although Lauer is a frequent round-the-world traveler for Today, it took 18 months to arrange the visit to a country only 90 miles from the United States, said Jim Bell, the show's executive producer. Bell used his ability to speak Spanish in the negotiations."

Ability to speak Spanish? Did he say to the dictator: mucho dinero. Well, let's check Mr. Bell's ability to speak Spanish: tu eres comemierda de campana? no sea tan, tan, tan comemierda!


Anonymous said...


your on a roll..

Anonymous said...

eres un grandisimos maricon de mierda,muerte a todos los vendidos cubano de mierda,vay a meterte una pinga en el culo.pajaro la grande puta de tu madre jajajaja mama pinga