Saturday, May 12, 2007

Enough is enough Mr. “Raspy” Rangel

Just received the latest edition of Cigar Aficionado with the theme being “ Cuba Tomorrow.” As a cigar lover I enjoy looking at the different brands of cigars and sometimes the articles are interesting, but I started to feel a little sick when in the table of contents it listed Charles Rangel view on Cuba.

It would be easy just to ignore this article and his views, but I have to respond in honor of those who have been killed, tortured, imprisoned, and those in our families that have suffered so much. Collaborators such as this guy have helped the apartheid dictator stay in power for over 48 years! Enough is enough! My FREEDOM-loving brethren please sit down before you read these quotes from this article:

“Fast-forward to July 2006. Word leaked out of Havana that President Castro was on his deathbed. By August, the president-who was celebrating his 80th birthday-relinquished power to his brother, Raul Castro, leader of the nation’s military. The reaction in Miami was one of the most sickening displays of political hatred that I’ve ever seen. In television broadcast around the world, people described as Cuban Americans were shown dancing in the streets, expecting, if not hoping, that the man they called the Dictator would soon meet his maker.”

President? Mr. “Raspy” the thug has never ever been elected to office! No FREE elections have ever been held in over 48 years. The proper term is DICTATOR. No, what’s really sickening is your pathetic sympathy to one of the most ruthless dictatorships in this hemisphere! You have never ever sided with Cuban-Americans or the Cuban people. You have never spoken for the political prisoners, those that have been executed, and a called for FREE elections. That’s what’s really sickening! You have no idea what Cubans have been through so shut up! We can cry or celebrate any way we want!

“ I have always sympathized with Cuban Americans who suffered repression under the Castro regime. And I have no love of communists because it was a communist soldier who shot me in combat on November 30, 1950, during the Korean War. I have often said that no head of state should hold office nearly 50 years, as President Castro has. But I can’t believe it’s right in the eyes of God to rejoice over the death of another human being, even my enemy. I was so revolted by the behavior of my fellow Americans in Miami that I wrote a letter to President Castro expressing my sympathy and offering an apology for my countrymen’s heartless reaction.”

Sympathized with Cuban Americans? When? All you have done is ALWAYS take the side of the dictator and blast Cuban Americans! Write a letter of sympathy to a dictator responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths? The same crusty dictator who labels us “worms” and “mafia?” Mr. “Raspy” have you ever written a letter asking for FREE elections or to FREE political prisoners? Did you ever have sympathy for Elian’s mother? Where is a letter of apology those families who have had executions, died while floating on a raft escaping from the dictator? No, you quickly side with the dictator and his agenda. No love for communist? Really, are you not a member of the National Socialist Alliance? Where is your letter asking for the end of the apartheid system in Cuba? No Cubans allowed to own property, no Cubans allowed in hotels that tourist frequent, no Cubans allowed at beach resorts enjoyed by tourist, no Cubans allowed to own cell phones or have Internet access. You’re REALLY silent of these issues, but LOUDLY bark about the embargo and always with flowerily language blast Cuban Americans. No, it’s sickening to see your hatred for all Cubans!!!!!

What’s really sickening is YOU COLLABORATORS!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I saw that article. Que clase de yo ne se que.

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Don't hold back buddy. Let it out. Don't soft soap them.

Miguel Vinuesa said...

There goes a nice piece of coward... disgusting, man.

Anonymous said...

Chawlie Rangel is as communist as the soldier who shot him. That's probably a non documented instance of friendly fire. I mean, judging him for his track record, and for his letters to kasstro, he very well qualifies to receive the red carnet of the Communist Party.

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Just when you think the world can't get any more stupid Charley opens his mouth.

Albert Quiroga said...

Does he get upset when he sees old photos and newsreels of happy civilians and soldiers gleefully celebrating - because that is what it is - adolf hitler's death? I doubt it. One common thread running through all these leftists is their extreme political hypocrisy. Political Pharisees is what they are.

And, as no doubt Rangel is, most if not all of them are de-Rangel-ed.

Conway said...

In my opinion just leave those people who hurt you. just see that how Cuba is making progress. in fact cuban cigars are rocking and are biggest threat to the world's cigar industry. here in Canada, most of the person love to smoke these and all other are ignored.