Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The World does not care...

El Cafe Cubano is in a rare mood today and here it comes from the heart. I know I am not the sharpest tool in the shed, but it seems that for over 48 years nobody except Cubans want the crusty apartheid dictator in power? Why? Are they afraid of the potential that Cuba has when it is FREE? Who will go to South America or Cancun when Cuba is FREE? Latin America turns it's back against the sufferings of the Cuban people! The American public just cares about the cigars and where hemingway hung out! Europeans just care about a cheap vacation spot and adventures with the jineteras!

12 million illegals in this country and everything is done to make sure they stay, but 12 Cubans come on a raft, and LET's SEND THEM BACK IMMEDIATELY! Everyone is worried about a possible exodus from Cuba? People, Cuba does not even have 12 million people, but we have enough illegals here to fill the island of Cuba, but that's O.k.

Who cares?

Catholic church where are you? The leading dissident against the apartheid dictator is in prison for speaking out against communism and ABORTION! No pro-life groups to the aid of Dr. Biscet? Thousands of e-mails to Catholic Churches and priest about the Friday fast for political prisoners in Cuba and NOTHING, ZILCH! Now send a e-mail about immigrant rights(except Cubans), mestizo rights, the rain forest, and Gabriel José García Márquez, you instantly receive a response! I know because I have done this!

How can we forget all the reggae songs, benefits staged by celebrities against apartheid South Africa, yet NOT ONE PEEP FROM THEM CONCERNING APARTHEID CUBA!

The media is quick to denounce Cuban-Americans, but silent concerning all the atrocities committed by the dictator?

Collaborators of the dictator are given positive media attention and can say whatever without ever being challenged?

Hundreds of pro-dictator movies financed by Hollywood, but not one detailing the truth ever financed by Hollywood?

Tell me world why do you want this dictator in power?????????


El Gusano said...

I call it Cubanophobia. that's ok when we're free again, we won't owe nobody any favors...
sorry I missed you at CN. I was there all day thurs, fri & sun but couldn't make it sat.

Charlie Bravo said...

yes Cubanophobia.
it's better not to own one's freedom to anyone!

Fantomas said...

great post


Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

True...that's the way it's been. But those days are over.


So we will not kill the evil giant with the Internet in one day. However, we are all taking a piece out of its ass every hour of the day. So it is only a matter of time. So waste as little time in despair as possible. Spend that time productively taking another piece out of the regime's ass. The fact is, we are close to the tipping point. Even today, with the right push, in the proper direction, using only a small forced, we could topple the regime in no more than a day or two. For my time, as sad as things are in Cuba, I'd rather probe for that weakness than cry. Cheer up buddy. We're close!

Rolando said...

You care!

Alfredo said...


I am not getting down or giving up, just trying to point out how the rest of the world simply don't care or intentionally have blinders on!

Solangel said...

I care Alfredo...alot.

Alfredo said...


Alfredo said...