Tuesday, May 08, 2007

When the walls come crumbling down....

The Adidas wearing apartheid dictator blames the U.S. on the events that occurred on Saturday at the airport. This regime has blamed everyone and anything for the continuous fiasco's that they have forced upon the Cuban people.

No, the blame falls right on the apartheid dictatorship. History will condemn you and all of the"collaborators" are just as responsible. Why? turning away from the atrocities, denying people FREEDOM, and sadly obscuring the truth. Cuba will be FREE and the evil will be swept away giving room for Cuba to finally experience some peace.

Some questions though......

Why does the dictator hate his own people so much?

When will Cuba finally belong to Cubans?

When will the media tell the truth?

When will the Catholic church denounce the dictatorship and foster FREEDOM in Cuba?

When will this dark cloud and evil be swept away my brethren?

God why have you forsaken us?

When will the Cuban-Americans not be labeled mafia or hot-heads?(The dictator and his family have ruled Cuba for 48 years---why no mafia reference by the media here?)

Why the silence concerning the political prisoners?


+Miguel Vinuesa+ said...

Todavía me acuerdo de un exiliado en Miami, en la flor de su ancianidad, eh buen hombre, que salió en la tele:

"Fidel y Hitler no son lo mismo. Hitler por lo menos amaba a Alemania" xD QUÉ GRAN FRASE, macho.

Anonymous said...

Mick, esa de verdad es una gran frase!
Creo que merece que todos escribamos acerca de eso!
Alfredo, mi hermano, tengo las mismas preguntas que tu, me dan vueltas y no me las puedo responder, sin morir de tristeza.

Anonymous said...

Question Responses:
Cuz she's a fag
Cuba has always belonged to the Cubans
When hell freezes over
God hasn't forsaken us
When someone tells the truth,useful idiots,complicit
The truth hurts