Monday, May 14, 2007

Fausta's review!

You have to read Fausta's review of Saturday afternoon's showing of Salud! What puts Cuba on the map in the quest for global health at the Princeton Human Rights Film Festival.

Way to go Fausta!


Fausta said...

Thanks, Alfredo!

Tomás Estrada-Palma said...

Land plus people equals wealth creation.

Government minus half or more of that wealth equals poorer people.

Poorer people minus their wealth equals crime, degradation and social decay.

Social decay minus knowledge equals border restrictions.

Border restrictions equal fewer people.

Fewer people blocked from mixing their labor with the land equals less wealth.

And the circle begins again. The Spanish figured our the scheme over 100 years ago. They agreed that people can be free and govern themselves - but the Spanish nobility maintain ownership of most of the land, charged rent for the right to occupy a small parcel and we see who is really free. When I was a young man I was truly free with no responsibilities - and no money either. When you have no money you are only free to do nothing or work to make some. Then I got a wife and kids and though I made lots more money, like the landlord, the more I made the more they took. No matter how smart, educated, efficient or productive you become, if you don't own a piece of space on the planet to keep your newly created wealth then you've got to spend it on renting that space from the land baron class.