Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Jose at Cubanology sent a link to "Frequently Asked Questions: Coast Guard Migrant Interdiction"

The Cuban Adjustment Act can be found here.

Coast Guard update on the balseros which Juan at Paxty Pages, also posted can be clicked here.

A very valid point was expressed to me yesterday by someone very special to me: The problem with immigration, migration, or whatever you want to call it is they lump everyone and every situation into one group. The problem also is with the media, so-called activist are always silent when it comes to Cubans. Look at the news(Spanish) last night, not a peep concerning the freedom seekers, but a major story on immigrant rights in Arizona. I guess someone from that station read my blog, because the had one story from Colombia and mentioned several other countries, but the major focus was on you know what and you know who!
All this being said I want to express that we live in the best country in the world and GOD BLESS THE U.S.A.


Anonymous said...

Hey everybody let's get on a boat and let's go on a pleasure cruise to the "Keys" but before we get there let's stop by a pillar that is still standing there but no bridge runs on it anymore. Let's have a picnic there and then we continue to the "Keys". But, wait a minute, we can't stop there, you see we need to obtain a Visa to step on this property with our dry feet, you see this piece of land belongs to nobody. But it does, it belongs to the United States. So we are ok now. Hey look over there, I see a boat with 15 Cuban "Politcal Refugees" that are "Escaping" from the "Terrorist" regime of Fidel Castro. Look they are coming our way, hey they made it. Look at these poor people, they been in the ocean for the last 2 weeks. Hey look there's a Coast Guard cutter heading this way, here they are. They ask "everybody" for their credentials, we are ok because we are US citizens or legal aliens of America and we are on American "Soil, or Property, or a U.S. Bridge, or on a piece of American Rock. Good let's all get on our boats celebrate this beatiful "Humanitarian" event and go to Miami. Wait, wait a minute, the Coast Guard is taking these people, who have just declared "Political Assylum" away, wait hold on, look at this, they are taking them back to Cuba, what a shame, what an "Injustice" what a "Crime"! Castro continues to seperate our families and destry our heritage. Jose Reyes (Cubanology.com)

Anonymous said...

When it comes to coverage of his murderous regime, Castro generally gets a free pass in the American media. So when something like the story of the Seven-Mile-Bridge 15 happens, it gets little play because it is seen as an isolated event, and not part of a larger tragedy. That ignorance cannot be allowed to prevail.

Anonymous said...

Here is something to add to your FAQ:

The Associated Press and Reuters report from Havana on a news conference held by the nongovernmental Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation, which reported there were 333 political prisoners in Cuba at the end of 2005 — up from 294 in December 2004 and 306 as of June 30.

Now is the time for all Americans, especially Cuban Americans, to respond, if only with their time and attention, to make sure Castro does not get away with his crimes, and that the American government does not weaken its opposition to the regime and its support of Cuban freedom. Our ignorance or disregard for what is happening in Cuba only helps Castro, giving him the cover he needs to further his tyranny. Keep shining the light on that cockroach, and eventually he will have nowhere else to run.

Freedom is at stake. The U.S. must be at the head of the line to tell the Cuban people that we are on their side.

Alfredo said...


thanks for your comments and your right! The dictator has divided families, destroyed our heritage,
and destroyed Cuba

Alfredo said...


welcome to the blog and thanks for your comments. Your right the dictator is always given a free pass when it comes to the media. according to the dictator and most media their are no political prisoners in Cuba. The U.S is the beacon of hope and we need to assure the Cuban people that we are on their side.