Monday, January 09, 2006

Hunger Strike

As most of you know by now the 15 balseros were returned today. Again we should be incensed about the lack of media coverage. Can you believe this crap:

"The `bridge' is kind of a misnomer,'' said Coast Guard Lt. Commander Chris O'Neil, spokesman for the department's Southeast region. "

Now to top off the the day, we have news about the "spies who hated us. " Gosh what a surprise! if they really looked hard, they would find out the dictator has spies all over the place. Let's see, someone at FIU invites Victor Dreke to speak in the heart of the exile community, and nobody bothers to question this? Could it be these two? A hint: Maybe those organizations that praise the dictator, that make visits, and who bring so -called help while denouncing the U.S., you'd think they should investigated for possible spies. I don't know, call me stupid or Inspector Clouseau.


Anonymous said...

Ok Alfredo, here we go. This is the coast guard documentation (legal wording) explaining the WetFeet/Dry Feet Poloicy: and the balseros qualify there. So what's the problem, why should we have to make a big thing about this? These are not criminals here. What are the Cuban-American politicians in Washington D.C doing about this? This is not even a political problem here, it's a "Human Rights" issue. People in Washington wake up!!Jose Reyes(

Alfredo said...

Jose, thanks for the link and the information. I love the"Undocumented Migrants" vice "Illegal Aliens" section. To bad the media and many so-called "activist" lump everyone together.

Anonymous said...


Your absolutely right!!! Nothing in the media until after the fact. I have to tell you you have guts and you tell it like it is. a certian nationality has a monopoly on the media,news, sympathy, poor me syndrome, and we are the only immigrants in this country complex. Heck the cumbia is not originally from Colombia and the guayabera is not Cuban any more! alfredo and you cubans do not give up and keep fighting. I use to laugh at the stories about the exiles, but I saw what Castro has done to my beloved Colombia, have many Cuban friends and now what is happening in Venezuela, and you know Boliva is in trouble.
Alfredo, te mando un e-mail O.K.

El Cartagenero

Alfredo said...

Miercoles no jodas mi hermano cartagenero! Thanks for comments and your e-mail. Thanks for your support and that of all my Colombian brethren.