Sunday, January 01, 2006

Mini-me #3 Next Visit?

That's right folks: Venezuela. Who knew? Just all of us who have been hearing this commie crap for over 40 years. Still people out there think that Morales is not a threat and not a communist. Remember the communist playbook:

The dictator has called a play with Mini-me #3, it's a familiar play:

Calling play number lefty 666:

*Evo's first trip abroad is to Cuba

*Evo is to denounce the United States in front of the dictator

* Offer free eye operations to up to 50,000 needy Bolivians as well as 5,000 full scholarships for young Bolivians to study medicine on the island.

*Announce a 30-month plan to erase illiteracy in Bolivia

*Evo's second trip is to visit Mini-me #2 in Venezuela.

Down with yankee imperialism

Set up agrarian reforms everywhere

Hut, hut.

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Anonymous said...

Thay are all so pathetic!