Saturday, January 21, 2006

Mini-me#3 in a ceremony of the Andean Gods

Wow this is now all over the news along with the Cuban team playing in the World Baseball Classic. I guess if you believe in God, your anti-communist, and you have a hunger strike, the media totally ignores you. Now was this a religious ceremony or was it more? Check out some of the quotes:

"With the unity of the people, we're going to end the colonial state and the neoliberal model,"

Morales thanked Mother Earth and God for his political victory and promised to "seek equality and justice,"

He also praised the guerrilla Che Guevera, killed in Bolivia while trying to mount an armed revolution, and Tupac Katari, the 18th-century Indian leader who tried to capture La Paz from the Spanish.

Earlier, spectators — many themselves chewing coca leaves — walked for miles to listen to the leftist leader in Tiwanaku


Anonymous said...

How ridiculous that asshole can be. Weren't they opening the chest of a white man to offer his heart to those canibalistic gods of theirs?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm a Cleasing ritual using Llamas urine, those damn indigenous are scare of water, they smell like goats.

Marc said...

Further proof that the only good thing ever to come out of Bolivia was Che Guevara's corpse.

tocororo_libre said...

are they chewing coca leaves?
they should have call maradona for this celebration.
indios al fin...que atraso.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to vcrisis we have this clip: