Saturday, January 21, 2006

"Pancho Villa of Islam"

Everyone sit down before you hurt yourself, you wont believe this! Ernesto Cienfuegos who writes for the "The Voice of Atzlan" is calling Osama bin Laden as the "Pancho Villa of Islam." Here are some more nauseous quotes:

"Both are revered by the common people of each respective community," he said. "Both are seen as Robin Hoods by the poor and oppressed. Both were construction contractors at one time in their lives. Francisco Villa was a general contractor on the construction of the railroad through Chihuahua's majestic Copper Canyon. Both Osama bin Laden and General Francisco Villa were indirectly fighting those whom they perceived to be lackeys of the United States. "

"Like Pancho Villa, it looks like Osama bin Laden has outsmarted the U.S. military generals,"

"It certainly appears today, that Osama bin Laden is headed for the very same legendary and folk hero status in Islam."

Take a look at the group's website and it's obvious that these guys are anti-American and communist. Just look at this article and the source.


Anonymous said...

unfucking incredibly

Anonymous said...

Those people should be deported to Cuba, one way ticket. Or to Saudi Arabia.

Alfredo said...

Isn't aiding the enemy called treason?

Anonymous said...

and predictably, Bin Laden is gonna end like that jackass of Pancho Villa, under a hail of bullets. And that'd make me happy, just as much as if Pancho Villa would have been killed in my times.