Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mini-me Lovefest

The tour of evil continues.

The destination: Venezuela

The commie propaganda:

"fight against neoliberalism and imperialism."

We are here to resolve social problems, economic problems," Morales said. "This movement is not only in Bolivia; Fidel in Cuba and Hugo in Venezuela are logging triumphs in social movements and leftist policies." "We are going to change Bolivia. We are going to change Latin America," Morales said.

At a joint news conference, Chavez said Venezuela would supply 150,000 barrels of diesel fuel monthly to Bolivia to supplant the impoverished country's imports.
"I won't accept you paying us a cent, you are going to pay us in agricultural products," said Chavez, adding that the offer was worth $180 million a year.
Chavez also said Venezuela will donate $30 million to Morales' government following his Jan. 22 inauguration.

Just a minute while I wipe away my tears with this touchy commie crap. Can you imagine Boliva and Venezuela after several years following Mr. Evil's playbook? Everyone will be crying!

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