Thursday, January 12, 2006


I get a rambling e-mail on how upset this guy is because he could not bring his Cuban cigars into the U.S. because of the embargo. He blames me and the embargo. I e-mailed him back with a response(nice) and asked him what kind of Cuban cigars did he have? Being a cigar lover just wanted to know, well he responded back and he did not know. Just like many who get upset about the cigars, but know nothing about the suffering of the Cuban people. They know nothing about all the executions, political prisoners, and lately the spies. Now this is my personal opinion and I have offered this to many cigar lovers, that the best cigars now are not made in Cuba. Most of the master cigar rollers and cigar makers are in exile. Yes, Cuba has or had the most fertile region for tobacco, but the dictator even bumbled this one. My favorite is the Gloria Cubana Series R #7. Many extraordinary exile cigar makers out there with fine cigars.
Alfredo why are you talking about cigars? While responding to this e-mail and checking out another blog, I came across the Wall Street Cafe, which has a post concerning Nebraska trading corn for Cuban cigars. What a bunch of morons!
Now back to my original point, most people don't know jack shit about cigars or Cuban cigars, or real Cuban cigars(that is what I call the exile cigars ) and most important: To this day many do not know jack shit about the situation in Cuba!!!!


Anonymous said...

And you're sure that the guy's smoking "cigars"?

Anonymous said...

You are exactly right about the average American's ignorance of the situation in Cuba. For years, Castro has relied on that ignorance to provide all the cover he needs to carry on his tyranny with impunity. The sad thing is that many in the media and the public have conditioned themselves to ignore Cuba and the horror show that it is. I believe that underlies the lack of heavy coverage of what happened to the Seven-Mile-Bridge 15. It is seen as an isolated event, and not as a further indictment of Castro's regime.

Anonymous said...

ALFREDO you should try la finca is power house,handmade in nicaragua.I
I also like consuegra very good fucking cigar.
jr cigars has the cheapes prices and kick ass quality.
the best cuban cigar that I had was partagas figurado?maybe
but I know was partagas
I got some montecristos numero 2
in my humidor also from cubita.
I think tonigth ill have one with some guayabita del pinar.

Anonymous said...

you also should try the jr alternatives to cuban cigars,they come in bundles instead of fancy boxes,they all hand made with long filler.I would sugest the JR alternative to hoyo de monterrey maduro robusto,very inexpensive with the presentation constrution and flavor of $ 12 dollar cigar.

Anonymous said...

the problem with cigar industry in cuba is since is own by the goverment there is no quality control,since nobody gives a shit and the rollers make bullshit money.
if you get lucky you could still find some good stogies made in cuba.but I won't take my chances.
the few that I get are giving to me as a gift from coworkers,truck drivers and people that travel overseas,since they see me on the dock sometimes puffing my lungs
I smoke like 3 a week.
hopefully one day with could have ernesto placiencia and others alike in a free cuba making the real gloria cubana.

Alfredo said...


Have not tried the la finca from Nicaragua. i like the J.L. Salazar y hermanos churchill cigars from Nicaragua.I just tried a new cigar from honduras: La aroma de Cuba(actually not new just reintroduced) very good cigar. I tend to like those with maduro or corojo wrappers. a strong stout cigar! Your right the government controls everything and the quality sucks, plus alot of the Montecristo's and Cohiba's out now are fake.

Alfredo said...


Who knows, but you'd think he would know what type of cigars he had. He just wanted to blame evrything on Cuban-Americans and the United States

Anonymous said...

IT'S SO TRUE. I'm here in Chicago and the people here are IDIOTS when it comes to Cuba. They equate fidel to George Washington, all of Cuba's ill's are because of the embargo, fidel staying in power for 40 something years is a sign of how great he is, -oh and get this... because of Elian we Cuban-Americans are to blaim for Gore loosing the election!!!

I'm glad sorry ass got his Cigars confiscated, and I hope they slapped him with a HEAVY fine.

As for cigars, my absolute favorites are Cuban-exiled Toraños: Reserva Selecta and Exodus 1959.

(PS. the lack of competition and quality control has not only led to poor cigar making in Cuba, but also to piss-flavored rum.)

cuban cigars said...

I generally have quit smoking as I recognize it can get problematic/addictive. But once in a while I do indulge in smoking Cuban cigars to relax and relieve stress (there flavors are simply intense, with earth, spice and licorice building into a dense thick smoke).