Thursday, January 19, 2006

Oh Peanuts!

Here is an awe shucks interview with Jimmy Carter. Most of the interview is about religion, but towards the end they talk about the middle east and he takes jabs at Bush. Wished they would of asked him about his role in Nicaragua, the elections in Venezuela, and his Guayabera wearing times in Cuba.


Anonymous said...

Imagine if he was president now, je je je je, need I say anything else? Jose (

Anonymous said...

Very forgiving towards tyrants, but hateful and spiteful to those who love America. Did he forget about Iran? Did you see his comments concerning Arafat. I love your comment about Carter wearing a Guayabera, like this is going to authenticate his presence. Just like when clinton went to Cartagena and danced the cumbia(Colombian that is), everyone thought that was great and that he really cared about them. He probably had no clue about our music or our people.

El Cartagenero