Friday, January 20, 2006

Mini-me wants to change the Venezuelan flag

Now the come mierda wants to change the flag. He wants to add an eighth star to the flag. The dictator wannabe has renamed the congress, renamed Venezuela to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and changed the coat of arms.


Anonymous said...

And that business with el caballo, (the horse) isn't it to congratiate himself with fidel (aka el caballo)?

Alfredo said...

Did you notice that he wants the horse to go left instead of right.Mini-me mentions that no symbolism is represented here. Let's see: "Bolivarian Revolution"
He has a bust of Che Guevara(Decapitated that is!) the horse(Castro) is going to face the left(socialism. Yep, no symbolism here!

Anonymous said...

He is an ignorant asshole, that is, besides being a really ill intentioned communist.