Friday, January 20, 2006

Question and Answer Session with "Tricky Ricky"

Ricardo Alarcón, president of Cuba's National Assembly, is considering participating in a question-and-answer session with reporters during this summer's National Association of Hispanic Journalists convention in Fort Lauderdale.
An invitation to Alarcón was hand-delivered to him personally by South Florida Sun-Sentinel Editor Earl Maucker in the last two weeks, said NAHJ Executive Director Iván Román.

Isn't that special! Are we going to have softball questions or are we going to have real questions? Mr. Earl Maucker do we have questions for "Tricky Ricky!"
Can we send you a list of questions? Are all the his-panic journalist going to be lefties?

1 comment:

Henry Louis Gomez said...

If alarcon comes to miami he better come armed or he'll be going back to cuba in a pine box