Thursday, January 19, 2006

"We don't sell fat yellow chickens, just sell chickens to the reds"

Another company doing bidness with Cuber. This time it's a company from Arkansas called Ozark Mountain Poultry. The deal is to send 630 tons of "red chicken" to apartheid cuber. Deal is worth $2.5 million dollars. Wooo, Pig, Sooie, did we talk about Dr. Biscet, the political prisoners, and the lack of freedom?

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Anonymous said...

I thought we had an economical blockade on Cuba. Castro will get the chickens and trade it for oil with Venezuela. Like this he can gas up the La Cubana Airplanes and board them with European tourists who want to spend a couple of weeks vacationing in the beautiful island of Cuba. Castro pockets the money, takes care of his body guards and meanwhile the Cuban people never eat the chickens and stay hungry. Why doesn't Castro let the Cuban people establish their own "Private" companies and do some business with the chicken farmers in the United States, they'll get things done?? Castro doesn't care about his own people, he's a big pussy and is getting screwed from everywhere, Iran, Venezuela, North Korea. The Cuban people in Cuba continue to lose respect around the world. Que maricon eres Fidel. Jose Reyes (