Thursday, August 13, 2009

4th anniversary of El Café Cubano…sad day

This month marks the 4th anniversary of the El Café Cubano blog. To me a sad day because Cuba, still after 50 years is in the grip of an outlaw criminal regime. PLEASE, there is no justification for the revolution and it’s crimes. The SOLE objective of El Café Cubano is that of a FREE Cuba.

The origin of this blog started out as a solemn promise to family member many years ago. I hope I have not disappointed or let that person down?

The name for the blog El Café Cubano came about for two reasons: first: most of my treasured memories growing up were simple things like my family sitting at the kitchen table talking (loud!!) and sipping coffee. My dear mother would always wake up the house with that sweet aroma of El Café Cubano. To this day, when this viejo goes home to visit, my mom will put on the cafetera and the saying: do you want Café Cubano? OF COURSE!

Second reason; On several occasions while praying the rosary at the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, the smell of Cuban coffee would overwhelm me and I would ask others: do you smell coffee? NO was the response, and a look back that I was crazy!!! To this day while praying, it still happens…now I don’t know the reason, but it’s a sign.

Hence…El Café Cubano

Cuba will be FREE one day and GOOD will reign over evil!

God bless all of you!


Fantomas said...

Una coladita para Fantomas , por favor

Regreso a Miami finales de Sept

Anonymous said...

Great job Alfredo!