Sunday, August 16, 2009

Juanes: Camisa roja tour

I have received many e-mail asking for my opinion on Juanes singing in Cuba. It doesn't really matter what I think because Juanes will sing in Cuba. The past 50 years we have seen a total ignorance and a who cares attitude by the outside world when it comes to Cuba. Juanes either REALLY believes that by singing "Kumbaya" in Cuba that "HE" personally will change Cuba instantly. I actually like his music and before I get tons of hate mail, my kids are half Colombian, so don't go there!
Why hold the concert at the Plaza de la revolucion? This to all FREEDOM loving Cubans is like stabbing a knife in our hearts. That Plaza signifies the utmost stupidity of a system that has executed, imprisoned, and taken everything from millions of Cubans. Can't you understand that? They say Juanes lives in Miami? Does he actually know any actual Cubans? Because if he did, he would of heard how will feel!

Well, it doesn't matter how we feel, because we will be labeled all kinds of names and they KNOW better...even though they have never had family member imprisoned, executed, or died trying to escape Cuba.

Hmmm..wonder why these groups can't sing publicly in Cuba or weren't invited by the peace guru Juanes?


Fantomas said...

We need to break the ice somehow

Prohibition is a word mas cercana
a la dictadura que a la democracia

Nosotros no sabemos que puede ocurrir ese dia en tarima

Yo espero que algo bueno pueda salir de alli

En favor de la libertad de Cuba

Anonymous said...

excellent commentary Alfredo!

Anonymous said...

gusano mierda de miami ;)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
gusano mierda de miami ;)
I say F U what do you think of that jajajaja comermierda