Friday, August 21, 2009

Juanes Saga

Juanes reported to police that he received a threat on his twitter due to his singing in Cuba in September. This is not right and El Café Cubano categorically denounces any form or threats of violence against Juanes. This loony act does not help our cause, if in fact it was a Cuban-American?

Now this does not change how I feel concerning Juanes singing in Cuba. Well, it’s not the fact that he is going to sing in Cuba, but the VENUE: La plaza de la revolucion. This plaza to all FREEDOM-loving Cubans represents a system that has executed tortured, and ransacked the Cuban people for 50 years. To add insult to injury no Cuban musician who is opposed to the dictatorship has been asked to play, only those musicians who are comfy with the dictatorship. I find it hard to believe that NO politics are involved here?

Funny how this blog has been in existence for 4 years and I have been called every name in the book and “gusano” countless times, and I fear what may happen …and that’s o.k.? What about those who have spoken out against the dictatorship and now are in prison…where’s the outrage or concern?


~Zurama~ said...

It's really unfortunate that because of one isolated incident, exiled Cubans are being judged. I also don't agree with the guy who broke Juanes' CD, though I will never buy them again.

Don't worry about the name calling I get it all the time and as if on language wasn't enough, I get them, in English and Spanish.

You have a very special award waiting at Amanecer en la Habana, Premio "Por Amar a Cuba. Enhorabuena.

Anonymous said...

El Cafe Gusano ;)