Friday, August 28, 2009

The wave of FREEDOM!

Nothing better than doing dawn patrol and scoring waves like those in the video above and at one of my favorite surf spots! Their is no better feeling and this utmost FREEDOM while the wave is your canvas!

I have been blessed to have surfed all over the east coast of Florida, the Texas Gulf coast, Colombia, and to have surfed in Hawaii, but one place I have been yearning to surf one day is that of FREE Cuba!

When will Cuba be FREE of 50 years of the same family ruling the entire island? When will the world simply ask the same question?


Anonymous said...

r u the ole timer shooting the pier?

Alfredo said...

no, I missed this swell, but I have caught many like this YEARS ago in this exact spot! Never shot the pier though.

Anonymous said...

could be a fun swell this weekend due to Erika