Thursday, August 27, 2009

Enrique Santos y Juanes conversaron sobre el tema del concierto que el artista ofrecerá en la isla de Cuba

My FREEDOM Loving brethren what do you think about this interview? Juanes might have good intentions, but he still doesn't get the hurt felt among Cubans. YEAH, YEAH, I keep hearing it's not political... I can see it now...Juanes singing at the Plaza de la robalucion and well ALL KNOW that their is a big image of Leche Guevera at that Plaza...and while this is being transmitted to other countries...guess what image is projected worldwide...Hmmm no politics here. Now I could be wrong(IHOPE I AM!), but history has taught us to doubt.

maybe this song should be sung down their in Cuber at the "kumbaya" concert:


Fantomas said...

Fredo, listen well

the concert WILL not be made in front of el Che portrait

juanes is the one who will direct the cameras not cuba tv

first come firts serve habra people form the government in front of the audience

Joani and friends will be there at the plaza reporting

be happy man. juanes is not cuban .. do not blame him for our problems

just dont purchase another juanes cd

Alfredo said...


when has an actor or artist directed the dictatorship while in Cuba..tell me when???? TO DO ANYTHING IN CUBA it has to be APPROVED by the DICTATORSHIP. I am not blaming Juanes for our problems, but it REALLY stings that he is allowed to sing to Cubans, BUT CUBANS who happen to think different from the apartheid regime are NOT ALLOWED to sing in Cuba FREELY????

I WILL BE HAPPY when Cuba is FREE...even the Pope's visit did not bring FREEDOM to Cuba.

Anonymous said...

"Hard to be humble" -LOL
You are correct this should be the castro's motto :)

Fantomas said...

I WILL BE HAPPY when Cuba is FREE...even the Pope's visit did not bring FREEDOM to Cuba.

alfredo Juanes is not going to Liberate Cuba at all.. he is a musician not a politician

We cubans have to go and fight and die to overthrow the regime